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God's Camera: Reports from "Within" (2016)

"Something unknown is doing we don't know what." – Sir Arthur Eddington

These 'reports' (2 from a series of 8) were conceived and completed in as many days in July 2016. They were inspired by three ecstatic experiences on July 27, September 15 and December 2 of 2015 in the Pioneer and Smoky mountain ranges of Idaho.

The series was featured in Terrain 9 and was, at the time, available for purchase as individual prints, in framed versions and as a limited edition collection trimmed to fit in a 7" record sleeve.

Size 8" x 10" (image is 5" x 5"). Photographic collage. Printed in editions of 20 on a Risograph duplicator (in black ink on 80# Dur-o-tone Newsprint by French Paper Co.) by George Wietor at Issue Press in Grand Rapids, MI.

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23 From God's Camera : Reports from "Within" (2016)

24 From God's Camera : Reports from "Within" (2016)