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Selected Writings:

The Inlander

"A look at two short SpIFF documentaries that tell distinctly Spokane stories" (January 2019).

"We pick our favorite albums of 2018" (December 2018).

"Spokane's newest record store Total Trash quietly opens its doors in Browne's Addition" (June 2018).

"Our Picks for the Best Albums of 2017" (December 2017).

"A New Way of Feeling: Tamara Lindeman of the Weather Station pushes the boundaries of folk music" (November 2017).

"Bear With Her: Kori Ailene brings her ballads of heartache and enchantment to the Bartlett" (May 2017).

"Time Out of Mind: Get Lit! 2017: Spokane poet Nance Van Winckel dives within to channel the voices of the subconscious" (April 2017).

"Paying the Piper: The consequences of lighting up in the age of global governance, and how we got here" (March 2017).

"Tremble, King Alcohol: Cannabis gains on beer as the intoxicant of choice in America" (March 2017).

"Holy Smokes: Marijuana as religious sacrament in Hinduism's holiest celebration" (March 2017).

"The Kids are Alright... Right? The impact of marijuana legalization on Washington state's minors" (February 2017).

"Till Death Do We Start: Filmmaker Adam Harum on his short film and moviemaking in Spokane" (January 2017).

"Eyes on the Prize: Filmmaker Justin Whiteman's documentary offers a nuanced portrait of Spokane boxing guru Rick Welliver" (January 2017).

"Jokes and Tokes: Marijuana's close rapport with counterculture buffoonery continues" (January 2017).

"Into the Sunset: Night Moves closes our their tour with their first Spokane show this weekend" (December 2016).

"(No) Fear and Loathing: Local dispensaries balk at a Trumpian future hostile to cannabis" (November 2016).

"Killa in Manila: The Philippines cracks down on cannabis and those who use it" (November 2016).

"Think for Yourself: The Beatles get by with a little help from a friend" (October 2016).

"Rolling Stoned: The revivalist rock and hijinks of Twin Peaks" (September 2016).

"Not So Far Out: Medical cannabis lays groundwork for medical psychedelics in treatment of PTSD" (September 2016).

"Dividing Lines: A dispensary squares off with a church" (August 2016).

"Take a Trip: Local curators dig up soundtracks for an altered state of mind" (August 2016).

"Pastoral Past: Chicago's Whitney waxes nostalgic on the golden days of young love and heartbreak" (July 2016).

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Idaho Mountain Express

"Farmers Markets Build Local Economy: Vendors say locally produced food is tastier and more nutritious" (June 2016).

"Wilderness Management Gains Momentum: Planner hired for effort in Boulder-White Clouds" (April 2016).

"Making Baldy a Special Place: Women play key roles in Sun Valley Co.’s mountain operations" (March 2016).

"Skiing and Love Entwine at Sun Valley: For 2 college grads from Oregon, the mountains set the scene for marriage" (February 2016).

"No One's Too Old For Young Love: An offer of friendship leads to love and marriage for valley residents Diana Landis and Bill Brand" (February 2016).

"Getting to the Real Meaning of Christmas: Valley spiritual leaders talk about the importance of the season" (December 2015).

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The Spokesman-Review

"People pull triggers" (March 2018).

"Go deeper on addiction" (January 2017).

"Aesthetically, not so grand" (December 2014).

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