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From Mot Juste (2018)

Selected Projects:

Mot Juste (2018)


"All true language is incomprehensible." – Antonin Artaud

My photographs of someone else's words, sampled and mangled and re-contextualized like a drum loop through an MPC, working, like Kerouac, "from pithy middle eye out, swimming in language sea."

Each original piece is affixed to a large handmade frame of cheap beer box cardboard (images are 6" x 6"). 17 pieces in a single edition.

– – –

God's Camera: Reports from "Within" (2016)


"Something unknown is doing we don't know what." – Sir Arthur Eddington

These eight 'reports' were conceived and completed in as many days in July 2016. They were inspired by three ecstatic experiences on July 27, September 15 and December 2 of 2015 in the Pioneer and Smoky mountain ranges of Idaho.

Printed on a Risograph duplicator by George Wietor at Issue Press in Grand Rapids, MI.

Each print is trimmed to 8" x 10" (image is 5" x 5") in black ink on 80# Dur-o-tone Newsprint by French Paper Co.

The series was featured in Terrain 9 and was, at the time, available for purchase as individual prints (in editions of 20), in framed versions and as a limited edition collection in a 7" record sleeve.

– – –

Visions of What Was (2012)


"Today, I get the sense that memory is much less sure of itself, engaged as it is in a constant struggle against amnesia and oblivion." – Patrick Modiano

This amalgamation of manipulated photographs and poems was composed as a kind of synaesthetic voyage into the subconscious. Words and images tangle themselves up in the imagination, trigger false memories and dissolve into a past neglected by the postmodern obsession with "progress." Youth, like a half-remembered dream, is, says George Bernard Shaw, "wasted on the young."

Source photos taken in Idaho, Death Valley, New York City and the Horn of Africa.

Each image was printed on 5" x 7" photo paper with a matte finish at a Costco Photo Center in Spokane, WA.

The series was featured in Terrain 5 and was, at the time, available (as a collection) in a very limited edition of five.

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